About Allison

Design in Nature by Max Ernst initially called to me because of the rainbow of colors. It held my attention because there is so much going on. There is color blocking, blended colors that flow, bright colors, subdued tones... The lines are sharp and then smooth and sharp again. There is a lot happening but it still has a flow and a weird calmness to it. You can find something new every time you look at it. I feel like that describes me. I have a lot of varied interests from the spooky and dark to Disney. People make assumptions about me because of my wild hair, tattoos and piercings but there is more there if you take the time to really see me. I'm bright and wild but also have structure and am grounded. The “colors and lines” that shape me, like in the painting, also inspire me. There is beauty in everything and everyone. You just have to take the time to see it. Rainbows and unicorns are beautiful but so is the maple tree with its changing leaves of red and copper and the beautiful texture and rich browns in the bark and trunk.  “There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” -Edgar Allan Poe


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