Mother and Child by Fernand Leger touched me on a personal level. Coming from a family of police officers, factory workers, and cooperate administration, I found this artwork relatable due to the fact that in my family, my mother and I are the only ones with who portray any artistic creativity, whether by crafting, performance, or profession. I love the bold lines and colors, and at a quick glance, it seems like just a simple brush stroke, but when scrutinized, there’s shading, depth, and small details involved. From afar, these details go unnoticed but are a crucial part of this piece to which gives it structure, character, and design. As a stylist, I implement the same concept of small detailed techniques and precision, whether I’m cutting or coloring hair, that may be unnoticeable from a far. By doing this, I’m able to create bold new looks which leave me and my client smiling! right for another. I have come to appreciate details and subtleties, and I have learned to communicate better. As the lines on both sides travel inward they get closer and closer until they meet in the middle. The central point represents a final product, a meeting point of expectation and expertise.  This image represents the work that I do because I feel happiest, and most successful when my experience and creativity meet your expectations and help you achieve your goals.


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