Tammy Y.


I am inspired by the artwork of René Magritte, Belgian, The Fair Captive (La belle captive), 1949 Gouache and pencil on paper. The Fair Captive resonates with me in so many ways. I was captivated by the deep hues of color that are so multidimensional. The sky in the photo mirrors the ocean with deep layers and dark tones that to me are representative of the different seasons of life. The saxophone on fire is reflective of the adoration I have for music created with real instruments and the organic sounds of real instruments. Center of the photo is a picture frame, that frames both the sky and ocean with what looks like a dim sunset on the horizon. I interpret this as the setting of one season and the beginning of new one just as each night brings a new day. The sand and water meet and are friendly, they represent the merging of seasons in my life. The photo is so reflective of the different clients we see on a daily basis and the seasons of their lives that we as a salon get the opportunity to be a part of.


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