Yes, One Woman Can Have It All!

Maybe not all at the same time, but over a life time “yes you can have it all”. From being the sex symbol, political activist, entrepreneur and finding the age of wisdom as you look back these phases are often defined by the hair you are wearing at the time. Often we look back and ask which came first? It’s the simple change in hair that can propel us forward into the next phase of our lives. We wake up in the morning and face the mirror and see a change happening on the inside being reflected back to us on the outside.

SoK has one focus: hair. Styling, coloring, straightening, extensions....it is our only fascination allowing us to offer you the best of our education and years of experience. We are the destination salon in Houston. Our first-class customer service, world-class product lines and our professional Artist are what set us apart from other salons. Our clients are given the pampering they deserve each and every time they come to SoK. You can have it all!

SoK Salon on Kirby

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