Max Ernst, German, 1891 - 1976 Portrait of Dominique, ca. 1932 Oil and graphite on canvas The neutral palette, classic lines, dainty pops of color and creative placement in this painting reflect my style as a hairdresser. While many clients see me for balayage and other more natural looks, I do enjoy taking advantage of the wide range our color bar has to offer. Portraits of women inspire me because their styles tell stories! Dominique’s soft finger waves set hers in the 1930s; similar iconic hairstyles appear time and again, evolving as we do. Trends in beauty help define generations, mine being among the first to create *almost* endless possibilities in hair. Thankfully, one of those is having massage chairs at the shampoo bowls! There’s a kind of magic in finding what makes you look and feel your best, and my goal as your stylist is to help you get there. Whether sticking to the classics, staying on trend, or seeking innovative treatments, it is possible for you to love your hair!


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